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Remodeling Survival Guide

By Tom Schiebout November 5, 2014

I would like to tell you your remodeling project will be easy, that everything will go perfectly and that it will be over before you know it. But I’m not that good. Nobody is. Remodeling is an intrusive, messy experience. It takes time. Progress is uneven, and it always gets worse before it gets better, sometimes twice. The good news is that the experience is temporary, while the benefits of the new space endure year after year. If I have…

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Universal Truths

By Tom Schiebout August 22, 2014

You don’t have to be old or disabled to appreciate universal design. Done right, it makes life easier for everyone and without losing points for looks. Some even see universal design as the opposite of early accessible design, which catered to those with physical limitations at the expense of everyone else. The old days were characterized by institutional, stainless steel grab bars and temporary switch-back ramps. Today universal is all about being inclusive and taking the long view. Dozens of…

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