Full-feature, curb-free shower ideal for aging in place

Coordinated hand shower, seat and grab bars complete curb-free shower design

Phil and his wife are inspirations for aging on one’s own terms. Although in their 80s, both still work outside the home. They mostly heat their house with dead wood harvested from their bucolic 10-acre property. And they are determined to enjoy their peaceful country life as long as they are physically able.

The couple experienced a curb-free shower for the first time at a hotel last year and knew it was just what they needed to make their home safer and more accessible. They hired Tomco Company to remodel their master bath and could not be happier with how the project turned out.

With a curb-free shower, the bathroom floor now is an unbroken, non-slip tile surface that slopes toward the drain beginning at the shower curtain. This will make it possible to roll a chair or walker into the bathing area if needed in the future. But anyone would find the barrier-free design easier and safer than climbing into the old combination tub-shower.

The new shower also features an attractive fold-down teak seat and an adjustable handshower that can be positioned high or low along a vertical bar for standing or seated use. Coordinated vertical and horizontal grab bars complete the safety upgrade. The Tomco remodel also features a new wall-mounted toilet, wall tile, lighting and fan.

The couple wanted to retain the existing vanity and mirror, but we measured the doorway and clear space to ensure there would be enough room for a wheelchair to access and turn around in the space. Eliminating a shower curb and glass enclosure greatly enhanced the turning radius.

The couple’s only regret is that they didn’t replace the tub sooner. They say the added comfort, convenience, and safety give them peace of mind. Best of all, the accessible design looks as good as it functions.