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A kitchen is more than a place to prepare and eat meals. It also tends to be a home’s principal family gathering and entertainment space. By balancing function and style, Tomco Company will remodel your kitchen so it is efficient, safe, accessible, beautiful and inviting.

Lifestyle fit

We start by learning about your lifestyle and how long you expect to stay in the home. If more space is needed to achieve your goals, we will explore opportunities for bumping out or annexing an adjacent room. However, a simple facelift, including countertops, cabinet doors and flooring may be a better investment if you expect to move in a few years. The right design should fit your budget and your dreams. Don’t worry. We can help you close the gap if the two don’t align.
Kitchen storage

An ideal kitchen requires efficient storage that keeps things organized and accessible. We will suggest strategies for increasing cabinet space both by adding units and making better use of what’s inside. Cabinets with pullouts shelves, special inserts, full-extension drawer slides and small appliance storage can help. Meanwhile, some lighted, glass-front display cabinets will boost the visual appeal.

Kitchen workspaces

Kitchens also need well-positioned, sufficient-sized workspaces and efficient layouts that save steps for chefs and avoid collisions and traffic logjams while entertaining. That may mean replacing a peninsula with an island/breakfast bar, moving appliances or adding a cozy booth with grandmother bench style seating. We will let you know if your space and budget allow.

Double duty

The kitchen should work well day to day and on special occasions. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need two ovens, dual dishwashers or multi-height countertops. Because they are the hub of family activity and entertaining, our kitchens also incorporate the best universal design and green building practices. This includes increased lighting for older users, superior ventilation for indoor air quality and broad traffic lanes for accessibility.

Dream awake!

A kitchen isn’t exactly a field of dreams, but we believe that if you build it (right), they will come. Invest in the kitchen of your dreams and you probably will look forward to cooking and spend more time enjoying family meals together and hanging out with friends.

We build the kitchen. You build the memories. Ready?

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