Universal Design

Aging In Place

Many elements of home remodeling are supposed to be noticed and admired. These are the jewels of reconstruction, including custom cabinetry, handsome stone counters, gorgeous floors and dramatic windows. Universal design is just the opposite but no less important. It’s what makes spaces function well for people of every ages and agility without anyone giving it a thought.

Universal design creates homes that are comfortable, efficient and safe for all residents and guests. This enables many homeowners to remain independent as they age in place (grandchildren not included). Don’t worry. This is not about sacrificing aesthetics for accessibility. Done well, universal design is inclusive and attractive.

At Tomco Company, we build many universal design features into every job so our projects will last a lifetime and accommodate our clients’ changing needs. Wider doorways, increased lighting, uniform flooring transitions, convenient storage, multi-height counters, comfort-height toilets, smart electronics and low maintenance are just some of the strategies we use.

For most of us, homes are long-term investments that not only harbor the people we love but the memories we cherish. With universal design, enjoy both as long as you like.

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