Tomco Earns Top Guild Quality Score

Tomco Company has remodeled and renovated hundreds of Twin Cities area homes since 1979. The legacy of these projects is our greatest asset. Past customers routinely invite Tomco Company back for additional projects. They also recommend us to family and friends.

Improving the homes of our clients’ families and friends is ideal because these new customers already know what they can expect from Tomco from people they trust. Next best is when our valued clients share their experiences in written reviews.

Back in the day, these reviews would arrive in the form of unsolicited letters of appreciation. Nowadays, clients are more likely to share their thoughts online. Tomco clients may post reviews on our website or our Houzz page (both accessible from  here). Their assessments also appear on Google, Facebook and Angie’s List.

In a way, online reviews are even more valuable to prospective clients than the old letters of appreciation because they are unfiltered. Clients post them directly to the third-party websites or to our own website. Whether you are researching refrigerators or remodeling contractors, it is worthwhile to look for trends in online reviews. You can’t please everyone all the time. But a company with overwhelmingly positive reviews probably earned that reputation.

Guild Quality – How we measure up

Of all the online review platforms, we probably value Guild Quality most. To participate, a contractor must share the names of all its clients each year – not just the best ones. Then Guild Quality contacts the people by email and phone to complete a survey and posts the cumulative scorecard and comments.

Tomco Company is proud to have a perfect 100% Guild Quality approval rating across all 13 criteria over the past two years. They include: likely to recommend, construction quality, value, trust, communication, budget, schedule, employees and subcontractor, professionalism, organization, expertise, punch list and problem resolution. That’s 40 reviews in a row with a top score in every category from every client. We also have 80 percent participation, which is high for our category of business.

Reviews not only are useful for people who are considering Tomco for the first time. They also help us to sharpen our skills and process to maintain top customer service. Here are some of the most recent comments.

Guild Quality Reviews

We like making new friends as much as the next company, but our old friends are pure gold. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to share his or her Tomco experience. We owe our success to you.